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An air hose reel is a device that allows the convenient storage of a hose on a barrel when not in use. Air hose reels have a robust steel design suitable for uses in industries that offers auto-stop and retraction. When an air hose reel is chosen, one important thing to consider is the method of retraction, which can be motorized, spring-loaded, or manual. Read More…

Air Hose Reels An air hose reel, also known as a pneumatic hose reel, can refer to two types of hose reels: one, a hose reel that is used to convey air, and two, a hose reel that utilizes pneumatic power in order to wind and unwind the hosing. A hose reel is a cylindrical device around which a variety of hoses can be manually or mechanically wound.

Our hose reels are all made in the U.S., with a heavy-duty design and construction, built specifically to fit your needs and never retrofitted to the job.

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Unique Hosereels is a global supplier of a variety of hose reels, tank manifold systems and valves. This company can create custom solutions including: electric, hydraulic, manual, air and spring rewind reels from 1" to 4".

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Hosetract Industries is a hose reel provider, offering spring hose reels and air hose reels. We provide hose reels designed for industrial and automotive applications as well as many others. Contact us today for your spring hose reel and air hose reel needs — visit our website or call us for details!

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Nederman LLC provides high-quality hose reel products and services. Our products are utilized by a variety of industries. Some of those products include hose reels, service reels, cable reels and air hose reels. Please call or visit our website for more information about our products and service.

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What is an Air Hose Reel?

Air Hose Reels

These retraction methods are the biggest differences in classifying air hose reels. Air hose reels have a system specifically designed for cords, wires, flexible tubing, and hoses available for convenient, immediate use. The air hose reel has its hose connected to air compressors, and its hose should be around the reel.

The length of a hose and radius of a cylinder held by an air hose reel determines its category, method of rewinding, and pressure rating. Air hose reel cylinders can be made of plastic, fiberglass, or metal, with spring-driven self-retracting as the most common type.

Air Hose Reel Cylinders

How Air Hose Reels Function

An air hose reel rewinds the air hose automatically in the system by the use of an internal built-in recoil spring which pulls the hose from the reel, pulling it against the tension in the recoil spring.

When more hose is being pulled out, the tension built up in the recoil spring increases as well. It is important to make sure that the hose is not let go while being pulled from the reel.

Air Hose Reel Installation

There are five ways in which an air hose reel can be positioned: wall mounting, mobile mounting, free-standing, ceiling mounting, and post mounting.

In wall mounting, air hose reels are mounted on the wall using a locking pin angling the hose to the application. This type of installation opens up space on the floor, giving more room.

In mobile mounting, air hose reels are mounted on ships, carts, trailers, or even trucks, hence the term’ mobile.’

In free-standing, the air hose reel has an A-frame and is located permanently close to its application.

In ceiling mounting, air hose reels are mounted on the ceiling to allow room on the floor and walls.

Finally, in post mounting, air hose reels are hinged or immovable depending on the design mounted close to their application on posts. This method is almost similar to wall mounting.

Types of Air Hose Reels

The different types of air hose reels include:

Storage Air Hose Reel

This type of air hose reel allows for the storage of the hose when not in use. In most cases (tire repair shops), it is hung on the ceiling to avoid extra wear and tear on the hose. A storage reel is an air hose reel; therefore, it has a connection to an air compressor even though it is mainly for storage.

Storage Air Hose Reel

Continuous Flow Air Hose Reel

This type of air hose reel allows the free usage of the hose when in use (when it is wound). To prevent extra wear and tear on the hose, the continuous flow reels are hung from the ceiling in most cases. Continuous flow reels are always connected to air compressors.

Applications and Benefits of Air Hose Reels

The applications and benefits of air hose reels include:

Applications of Air Hose Reels

Organizations and businesses that are successful and have a high reputation bank on tidy, well-organized, and safe workshops to enhance their production capabilities; therefore, they use air hose reels. The applications of air hose reels have a wide variation from the organization of wires on a soundstage to mounting on a truck for refueling an aircraft.

Benefits of Air Hose Reels

  • Safe and ergonomic workplaces -- falling and tripping injuries caused by tangling hoses on the floor are reduced while still providing air when needed.
  • Reduced wear and tear on equipment -- hoses are no longer left on the floor where they were prone to be stepped on.
  • Cleaner environment and improved health -- contaminants like exhaust fumes and grinding dust are removed at the source.
  • Improved end-product quality -- air hoses can provide vacuum cleaning services which keep premises and environment tidy and clean.

Choosing the Right Air Hose Reel Supplier

To ensure you have the most beneficial outcome when purchasing an air hose reel from an air hose reel supplier, it is important to compare several companies using our directory of air hose reel suppliers. Each air hose reel supplier has a business profile page highlighting their areas of experience and capabilities, along with a contact form to directly communicate with the supplier for more information or request a quote. Review each air hose reel business website using our proprietary website previewer to quickly learn what each company specializes in. Then, use our simple RFQ form to contact multiple air hose reel businesses with the same form.

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