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The most important function of a high pressure hose reel is to make certain the hose does not become damaged or incur any trauma. If a high pressure hose reel is damaged or strains the hose, the hoses performance could be compromised or rendered useless. When reeling up a hose, something as small as a kink in the hose while it is wound could cause ramifications later. Having a reel that carefully and neatly winds a high pressure hose is the best way to extend the hoses lifespan. The most recognizable example of a high pressure hose reel is a fire department hose reel. High pressure hoses commonly carry water or air. However, they also carry heavy liquids like hydraulic oil or grease. Many variables must be considered when purchases a new high pressure hose reel.

High pressure hose reels have a number of advantages and options to comfortably tend to a hose. One advantage to having a high pressure hose reel is their ability to automatically retract when not in use thus requiring no winding. However, manual winding is available on some high pressure hose reels if this method is preferred. High pressure hoses tend to have more girth than other hoses, therefore resulting in larger reels to allow for the entire length of hose to be wound onto the reel. As mentioned in the introduction the ground or floor is the last place you want to store your hose. Therefore, a high pressure hose reel should be mounted in an elevated position to reduce the likelihood of wear and tear that close proximity to the ground may induce.

Hoses are an essential component to many industries that have a use for carrying air, gas and liquids of all densities. How does your industry use high pressure hoses in your place of work? If you do use high pressure hoses, do you find particular accessories are helpful with the hose reels you are currently using? Regardless of the size, type, material or length of your high pressure hose a high pressure hose reel will be beneficial in the long run, saving on time, money and frustration.

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