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A cable reel is a spool-like, round item that is fashioned like a drum and used to transport different electrical wires. Electric cables, fiber optic cables, and other wire products are transported using cable reels, sometimes called drums. Cable reels are used for storing, unwinding, winding, and holding conductive cable or lifting cable. Electric cable reels have contacts that maintain electricity as they are being wound. Read More…

Cable Reels Cable reels are cylindrical, drum-shaped devices that are designed to store, wind, and hold conductive or lifting electrical cables for electrical or industrial purposes, respectively. Electrical cables are defined as conductors for transmitting either electrical or optical signals or electric power that typically consists of a core that is protected by twisted wire strands and covered with a suitably insulating material.

Our hose reels are all made in the U.S., with a heavy-duty design and construction, built specifically to fit your needs and never retrofitted to the job.

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Unique Hosereels is a global supplier of a variety of hose reels, tank manifold systems and valves. This company can create custom solutions including: electric, hydraulic, manual, air and spring rewind reels from 1" to 4".

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Hosetract Industries is a hose reel provider, offering spring hose reels and air hose reels. We provide hose reels designed for industrial and automotive applications as well as many others. Contact us today for your spring hose reel and air hose reel needs — visit our website or call us for details!

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Nederman LLC provides high-quality hose reel products and services. Our products are utilized by a variety of industries. Some of those products include hose reels, service reels, cable reels and air hose reels. Please call or visit our website for more information about our products and service.

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Types of Cable Reels

Steel Cable Reel

There are also collapsible steel drums; however, permanent steel drums with welding are more common. Although they cost a lot more, steel reels and drums are more durable than wooden drums. From the heaviest to the lightest cables and wires, steel reels can be filled with various materials. These steel coils are produced in an environmentally friendly manner and are stronger than hardwood coils. Spring-loaded cable drums come with a variety of mounting options. These spring coil-like cable retractors are a quick and affordable solution for applications requiring counterbalance, recovery, or return operations.

steel cable reel

Wooden Cable Reels

Wooden cable reels are made of wood, as the name implies. For example, one may reel in wires, ropes, and electrical cables with wooden reels. Depending on the goods being transported, they can be customized to fit a range of traverse lengths and flange sizes.

First, the flanges are created. The flanges are the round sections on either end of the core. To create a square flange, two layers of timber are joined perpendicularly to form a single solid piece:

  1. The edges are eliminated using a bandsaw to shape the square flange into a circle.
  2. A level surface along the recently cut edges is ensured by rubbing the circular flange.
  3. The flanges are made to fit the user's requirements.

Common changes include changing the angles of multiple holes, the start hole and arbor hole diameters, and the number of bolt holes.

Third, lumber creates the staves that make up the reel's core. Since the drum, also known as the core, must first be formed into a circular piece of timber with straight edges and then rounded, this technique requires both of these steps. Next, regular lumber is put through a machine that removes the edges and creates a stave, a curved board that will go in the reel's drum. Finally, bolts are used to assemble the flanges and staves.

wooden cable reel

Plastic Cable Reels

Plastic reels are a reliable and portable alternative packaging option for manufacturers of monofilament and insulated wire. In addition, reels made of plastic can be recycled entirely. Manufacturers of ribbon, tape, and monofilament for recreational and therapeutic uses are some of the current applications, as are producers of industrial and residential wire with uses in electrical wiring and data transmission lines.

plastic cable reels

Plastic flanges come in various diameters, from 6" to 24". Additionally, the plastic flanges can be made in any size. If a 3D printer is accessible, making plastic reels at home is possible. The overall weight is greatly lowered, which is advantageous. These cable caps meet medical equipment's strict hygiene and sanitation requirements.

Motorized Cable Reels

The movement of energy and data is facilitated by mobile machineries such as gantry cranes, indoor cranes, various loading devices, large-scale open-cast mining equipment, longitudinal scraper bridges in purifying plants, and travel platforms. A system for storing and releasing cables that are constantly accessible and move with the equipment, ideally in sync, is required for transmission maintenance. The equipment's intended use also establishes the fundamental movement pattern, including mass, distance, direction, acceleration, and speed.

plastic cable reels

A remedy that satisfies these needs is motor-driven cable reels. A motor-driven cable reel assembles the drive, slip ring, and reel body. Some alternate names for motor-driven cable reels include motorized hose reels, motor-driven hose reels, motor-driven cable reels, air hose reels, electric hose reels, and motorized hose reels.

Applications of Cable Reels

  • For on-site cable installation, cable reels are utilized. Different cables are secured and removed from different locations using the cable drum. The usage of this equipment for cable installation and maintenance is advantageous.
  • Because of their simple-to-adjust cable tension, shaft-mounted reels are among the most well-liked and versatile cable retractors.
  • Vehicles, mostly off-road trucks, use cable reels. For instance, when a car becomes bogged in mud, they are used to reel it out.
  • Steel reels designed specifically for conveying and storing fiber optic wires are frequently used for packaging fiber optic cables. Small lasers or light-emitting diodes produce light pulses that carry communication signals across fiber optic networks (LEDs). One or more glass strands just a few millimeters thicker than human hair apiece make up the cable. Each strand's core provides a direction for the light to travel. To minimize signal loss and for light to pass around bends in the wire, the core is encased in a coating of glass.

Choosing the Proper Cable Reel Supplier

To ensure you have the most constructive outcome when purchasing cable reels from a cable reel supplier, it is important to compare several companies with our directory of cable reel suppliers. Each cable reel supplier has a business profile page highlighting their areas of experience and capabilities, and a contact form to directly communicate with the supplier for more information or request a quote. Review each cable reel company website using our patented website previewer to quickly learn what each business specializes in. Then, use our simple RFQ form to contact multiple cable reel companies with the same form.

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