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Extension cables power electrical equipment or gadgets far from a power outlet. Cord reels are devices that store these extension cords. They are also used to store long extension cords appropriately. Read More…

Cord Reels Cord reels store, pay out and automatically rewind conductive cord or lifting cord that is used to power mobile machinery through contact with a stationary power source.

Our hose reels are all made in the U.S., with a heavy-duty design and construction, built specifically to fit your needs and never retrofitted to the job.

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Unique Hosereels is a global supplier of a variety of hose reels, tank manifold systems and valves. This company can create custom solutions including: electric, hydraulic, manual, air and spring rewind reels from 1" to 4".

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Hosetract Industries is a hose reel provider, offering spring hose reels and air hose reels. We provide hose reels designed for industrial and automotive applications as well as many others. Contact us today for your spring hose reel and air hose reel needs — visit our website or call us for details!

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Nederman LLC provides high-quality hose reel products and services. Our products are utilized by a variety of industries. Some of those products include hose reels, service reels, cable reels and air hose reels. Please call or visit our website for more information about our products and service.

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How Cord Reels Work

Cord reels are made up of a cylindrical reel drum that can hold an electrical cord that has been damaged. Two sizable flanges or discs are located on the ends of the reel drum to hold the rope in place. The frame, which has the accessories (for example, brackets, and bases) to place the cable reel in a certain area, supports the reel drum. They are simple to mount on walls, poles, carts, floors, ceilings, and other surfaces.

The cord is drawn to the proper length to make the required electrical connection. The payout position refers to the cord when it is extended. Then, the equipment plug is inserted into the outlets already present at the end of the cable. Finally, the reel drum keeps the cord's unused length wound up.

Types of Cord Reels

Hand-Winding Cord Reel

Hand cranks turn manual cord reels, which uncoil electrical cords by rotating the reel drum. When not used, the cord is wound back onto the reel by oppositely turning the hand crank. Lightweight or short cables are utilized with hand-winding cord reels because they are easy to wind and unwind by hand. In addition, they are transportable, affordable, and typically seen in enclosed spaces like homes, workplaces, and retail establishments.

hand winding cord reel

Lighted Cord Reel

The free end of the power cable is attached with a lamp in lighted cord reels. An incandescent, fluorescent, or LED lamp could be the source of light. The light is hung on a wall or ceiling above the area being viewed once the cord is drawn to the desired length. Flexible illumination direction is possible with the lamp's light. Lighted cord reels are useful for outdoor use and in locations far from a power supply. They can also be used indoors, such as at service garages, to illuminate the area being inspected more brightly.

Medical Cord Reel

Medical cord reels are specially made for healthcare facilities like hospital wards, operating rooms, emergency rooms, medical labs, and radiology rooms. They are also utilized in laboratory and mobile clinics.

In these settings, medical cord reels reduce the risk of trips and protect the medical equipment from damage and power outages, which could be dangerous for the patient. They frequently have a spring-driven retraction mechanism. In addition, the reel and its cord components are protected by a sturdy case. A medical cord reel is built of sturdy, waterproof, corrosion-resistant, and antibacterial materials that are also easy to clean.

medical cord reel instrument

Retractable Cord Reel

Retractable cord reels are simpler to use than manual cord reels because they automatically pull the cord back to the reel drum. A spring mechanism provides the retraction force. Tension is increased on the steel torsion spring when it is uncoiled and dragged out for usage. When no longer required, the torsion spring's stored energy is released, retracting the cord back to the reel.

retractable cord reel

The string goes through a space between two roller guides as the required length is tugged. This clearance directs the motion of the rope. To prevent cord wear, the roller guides are composed of smooth material. To hold the length of the pulled line, a ratcheting mechanism locks the reel drum in different rotational positions.

A stopper larger than the specified clearance is positioned close to the cord's end to hold the free end when fully retracted. The guide arm modifies the payout angle. To arrange the workspace, retractable cord reels can be positioned in the center of the space. They are typically mounted in workbenches, walls, and ceilings. In addition, retractable cord reels are typically seen in manufacturing plants, machine shops, and service garages.

Motor-Driven Cord Reel

The cord is retracted onto the reel drum with the assistance of a motor in motor-driven cord reels. They are frequently used when a significant amount of retraction force is required. They work slowly and maintain a constant tension on the cord to keep it from expanding out of control and being damaged.

motor driven cord reel

Electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic motors can drive motor-powered cable reels. AC or DC power from a mains outlet or power supply is used to electric power motors. They are affordable, effective, and simple to use. Pneumatic and hydraulic motors employ compressed air and pressured liquid, respectively. These motors are appropriate for locations with no access to a power source.

They are utilized in settings with a high risk of fires and explosions and do not overheat when overloaded. Motor-drive cord reels are frequently employed in heavy-duty outdoor or remote applications, such as mines, tunnels, refineries, construction sites, and water treatment facilities.

Stainless Steel Cord Reel

Hand cranks turn manual cord reels, which uncoil electrical cords by rotating the reel drum. When not used, the cord is wound back onto the reel by oppositely turning the hand crank. Lightweight or short cables are utilized with hand-winding cord reels because they are easy to wind and unwind by hand. In addition, they are transportable, affordable, and typically seen in enclosed spaces like homes, workplaces, and retail establishments.

Choosing the Right Cord Reel Manufacturer

To ensure you have the most beneficial outcome when purchasing cord reels from a cord reel manufacturer, it is important to consider several companies using our directory of cord reel manufacturers. Each cord reel manufacturer has a business profile page highlighting their area of experience and capabilities, along with a contact form to directly communicate with the manufacturer for more information or request a quote. Review each cord reel company website using our proprietary website previewer to quickly learn what each business specializes in. Then, use our simple RFQ form to contact multiple cord reel companies with the same form.

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