Cord Reels

Used to transport or store electrical cord, cord reels are built with differing materials based on the requirements of the specific application. For instance, for lighter applications electric cord reels are typically made of plastic and/or wood, while cord reels for heavier applications are typically made out of metals such as steel or stainless steel.

Before selecting a cord reel there are a couple important aspects of cords to consider, including the outside diameter and the length of the cable. In addition, the type of cord is important as well such as whether or not it is an extension cord, medical cord or other cord type. Whether or not the cord reel is retractable is another factor, as retractable hose reels add convenience and ease of use to cord reels.

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Typical applications for cord reels include long electrical horizontal retrieval, extension cord retraction, refueling, power tools, crash carts and industrial machinery. For these applications and more, industries that utilize cord reels include medical, construction, industrial, automotive, aerospace, electronics, commercial, transportation, chemical and cement.

As revolvable drum-shaped devices designed for lengthy items such as electrical cables to wrap around, power cord reels can be simple devices for storage or much more advanced. Electric cord reels are typically constructed in one of five configurations: collapsible, portable, live connection, reel and cable assembly, storage reel.

Collapsible cord reels offer the advantage of being able to be flattened for increased storage. Portable cord reels can be carried by hand place to place using a lifting handle. Live connection cord reels allow electricity be passed to the cable while it is still on the reel through connection hardware. A reel and cable assembly includes a cord reel, potential features mounted on the cable and a wire.

Storage cord reels is outfitted with items other than a cord, including rope or paper. In addition, cord reels come with several different rewind options including manual or crank, electric hydraulic, pneumatic and spring. Manual or crank rewinding does not have a rewind mechanism connected to the reel. However, electric, hydraulic and pneumatic rewinding all feature motors that drive the reel’s rewinding. Lastly, a spring rewinding is different yet, with an internal spring that rewinds the reel.

Cord Reels Cord reels store, pay out and automatically rewind conductive cord or lifting cord that is used to power mobile machinery through contact with a stationary power source.

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